We've moved!

Hi there, this is Lyn from the Shutterbug Life podcast, and you must be thinking…this is a blast from the past.   Well I’m back to let you know that I’ve launched a new podcast and invite you to join us.   It’s called the EOS Photographer podcast and we will cover a lot of the same kinds of topics we did here in Shutterbug Life. The main difference is that all my examples will be focused on Canon gear.   As you might know, I spent the last two years working with Canon USA leading their Live Learning workshop program. I’d like to put that experience to its best use, so I’m focusing the podcast.    Our episodes will feature:  
  • Interviews with great photography instructors
  • Q&A with technical experts
  • Photo Challenges; and
  • Real world gear reviews
  This podcast first and foremost is about photography. It is for creators. People who go out with your cameras in your hand and try to create amazing art from the world in front of you. We’ll help you sharpen your skills and reach your goals faster — on the gear we all own and love.   If you’re not a Canon shooter, you’ll likely find helpful information in our expert interviews and photography teaching, but Canon photographers will get the most value.   With that, please subscribe to the EOS Photographer podcast.    Hope to talk with you there.   Listen on iTunes | Listen on the website   Lyn