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Hey creatives, ready to go from hobbyist to pro?

Personal Branding Academy helps creatives who are launching their second career or side hustle but are struggling to stand out in the market. Our membership’s coaching, community, accountability, and support will help you create a personal brand that differentiates you in a unique and memorable way.

What's included inside the membership

With your membership you will have access to all these benefits:

  • Personal Branding Workshop - seven modules of Personal Branding webinars taught live to members.
  • Monthly masterclass lessons on Personal Branding topics.
  • Monthly Tech Tutorials on software needed to run your personal branding business.
  • Monthly Q&A feedback and group coaching sessions.
  • Facebook group style forum to share with other members.

This membership is for you if…

  • You are launching a creative business as a second career or side hustle
  • You want to go to market with clear differentiation from your competitors and a plan to attract your best customers
  • Your branding and messaging is all over the place. You know that you don’t have any consistency and people can’t tell the difference between you and your competitors’ offerings.
  • You aren’t getting customer referrals or repeat business.
  • You are expanding your business into new markets or product areas
  • You are going after a new customer profile.
  • You’ve decided to change your business model altogether

Your Roadmap to Results

Your membership includes access to my signature course that walks you through creating your personal brand in seven core modules.

Module 1 - Your foundation
The brands starts with you. Learn more about your unique skills, experiences, and outlook that will fuel your personal brand.

Module 2 - Your Business
Create a business model that lets you do your best work and live your best life.

Module 3 - Your Visual Identity
Create a business model that lets you do your best work and live your best life.

Module 4 - Your Website
Create your digital home for all your branding and marketing efforts.

Module 5 - Your Sales Process
Create a system that sells without being icky!.

Module 6 - Your Marketing & Promotion
Create the content that fuels your growth engine.

Module 7 - Your Measurement & Evaluation
Quantify your activity, improve your systems, celebrate your results.

The Personal Branding Academy is closed to new members

Sorry, the Personal Branding Academy signature course and membership is closed to new members.

Stay tuned however, we will be opening to welcome a new cohort soon. 

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